By LincolnWarrior

Crop Spraying

This morning the weather on the way to work was very foggy thankfully the sun soon burned its way through to give a lovely sunny day.
This afternoon I went to pick Julie up from Metheringham. On the way back I spotted this tractor in a field spraying away so decided to park up and try and grab a few shots. Not quite the capture of the spray i hoped to get but love the angle and backdrop for the shot. 
Just after taking a few more shots the driver parked up at the edge of the field and started to walk across the field and then started to run as I opened the car to put my camera away. I didn't hang around to see what he wanted as I know I wasn't doing any wrong but wonder if he was.

Back home relaxing now with a full load of washing done and nicely drying on the line outside.  Its time nearly to settle down and enjoy the Super League Grand final  Catalan V St. Helens just wish it was Wigan there but we will be French for the evening . Beers chilling nicely in the fridge to be enjoyed later as well.

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