Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Sunset at Hunstanton beach

When I went to bed last night I considered whether to get up for the sunrise, but as the forecast was for clouds I decided against it. I was so annoyed to wake up at 6.40am to see the most spectacular sunrise from our bedroom window, but I knew by the time I got down to the beach it would be not that great, as the colours change so rapidly that even 5 minutes makes a difference. It also turned out to be the most glorious day, warm, sunny and blue skies.

This weekend it is spring tides which means very high and very low tides - a friend told us that there was no wind forecast and with the very high tide it was perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding, or pootling about in a tender....which is what we did after breakfast. However as we realised we only had one life jacket here (the others are at a friend's house in Spain) we did not go far but stayed in the harbour. We took Xena too and at first she was nervous (now why am I not surprised at that!) but she soon sat right close to Gavin and felt more at ease - see extra. There were so many people kayaking (with dogs) and paddle boarding (with dogs), everyone was taking advantage of the calm conditions and high tides.

After the boat ride Xena and I went for a walk. I love to watch the pink footed geese flying overhead in formation (see extra) - they fly south from Iceland for the winter and are very numerous here at this time of year.

After lunch, Gavin continued sorting things at the house while I went for a long walk to Brancaster beach. I could not believe it when on the path of one of the sea defences there was a baby hedgehog, which Xena was very interested in. I took many photos of it, it was the first time I have seen one during the day in bright sunlight. I was trying to photograph the birds, and although I saw many curlews, terns, egrets and other birds I could not get any close up shots as they sit in the salt marshes where you cannot walk. I saw something in the corner of my eye and was so surprised to see a fox, also out in the broad daylight on the salt marshes. We walked from the salt  marshes on to the beach where I met a very friendly couple (everyone here is very friendly) who had a pointer, and Xena had a grand time racing up and down the beach playing with him.

As we had walked for over 2 hours Gavin fetched us and we went on to Hunstanton beach where I photographed the sunset, as can be seen here.

Due to the very high tides it is the perfect weekend to photograph the wading birds at Snettisham - there are only a few dates during the year when the RSPB recommend you go there to photograph the whirling waders spectacle, and as blipper Maureen6002 reminded me about this I have decided to go there early tomorrow morning to see if I can photograph this phenomenon. It will be heaving with photographers as it is one of the birding events of the year!

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