By Shutterup


There she was mid yoga when a pesky fly interrupted her.. it was not going to get away with it... soon the fly was pummelled into submission.
She has been a lovely visitor.. other than the rather scary leaps onto tables and shelves that were never designed for ornaments and kittens at the same moment.  So far I have been lucky.. fingers crossed for no accidents.. on the plus side she is doing a good job of despiderwebbing dark corners.
We have had a lovely quiet family day.. having a recipe editor in the house meant we were trying out a new slow cooked roast pork belly recipe.. it was absolutely delicious but the crackling didnt work as well as we had hoped.. next time :) Also we had planned to eat around 4.. thank goodness we hadnt asked anyone to join us as we didn't sit down to eat till 7.. latest lunch this year (so far) I think!!

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