By Shutterup


Small grey cat.. large green world 

Doors have become anxiety spaces..

Couldn't live in a house with an indoor cat for long I think.. I need air and I have found that all our windows are not cat suitable.. just one small hatch that was relatively safe.  She can leap very high without a problem so the stable doors were no match.  It was lovely having her to stay for a few days she will be two months older before she stays again I think ... I wonder if she will get much bigger.. she is very dainty at the moment and not eating half of her normal quota but that was probably the stress of a new environment (she stayed here for a few days in July so not such a new place).. she has gone home now so will soon settle down again.
In the meantime I am putting back all the things that had to move.. plants on windowsills that hosted fly toys, ornaments which have had a clean up while being removed to safety for the duration and now I can dismantle the cardboard boxes that she loved playing in while she was here.  Sweet little thing really (I'd still rather have a dog!) I loved the bond between daughter and her cat.. much purring was to be had when they shared their moments together.

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