By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 283: Berberis

Dense mist was obscuring the valley when I got up, but by the time I had J up and ready for breakfast the sun was breaking through, as it did yesterday. After our Sunday pancakes we went out on the deck for her to see and cuddle the cats, who were lounging in gloriously warm sun. When I hung out the laundry, I found the tangle of berberis and hazel beside the shed beautifully backlit, with the hazel leaves just starting to brown at the edges. I was pleased I seized the opportunity, as by lunchtime heavy cloud had rolled in from the coast, and the rest of the day was dull and grey. 

This afternoon J and I baked chocolate caramel squares. They are not my favourite cakes, rather sickly sweet, and I've never made them before, but she loves caramel and chocolate together and often chooses (used to choose?) these to go with her hot chocolate in Costas. They were easy to make, after the failed attempt at choux pastry a couple of weeks ago, and will keep her in desserts all week without tempting me too much. 

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