Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Faffing With Floating Phalaenopsis

I had a morning outing to a friend's and joined my Zoom meeting while I was there. Celia Henderson has been very good so when I can, I have a go the same day with the techniques. Of course they never work out as good as her examples and I always add some faffing of my own.

In my attempt to declutter I emptied the vanity unit under the bathroom sink. Oh my goodness! How wonderfully smooth my skin would have been if I'd used all the body lotions. How great my hair would look if I'd used all the conditioners. And how many summers weren't hot enough for me to use all the sun-block lotion? 10 it would seem.

So, putting soaps and shampoos back in, I now have some space for things I need to keep there.

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