By LeeAnne

Well behaved women…

Well you know, most of the time I try to behave myself but I dare say it’s all in the perception.

A year ago today my life changed pretty drastically. Given it’s mental health day tomorrow, it’s quite a happy coincidence that my mental health quite literally improved overnight. All the weird physical symptoms I was suffering disappeared and it was very clear they were all stress related. I don’t have any stress in my life any more and I don’t mind telling you how much of an absolute joy it is.

My advice to anyone and everyone would be to remove yourself from a toxic atmosphere, whether it be a relationship, a job or another situation. Do not put up with bad behaviour from other people. It’s unnecessary and does you no good at all. Easy to say in hindsight of course, but I cannot tell you how giant the effect has been on my life.

Life is for living.

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