By LeeAnne

Work / Life Balance…

Is on point!

I had an 8.30am call with a new client and then I dived (boom boom) into my wetsuit and met up with Ladyfindhorn down at Porty beach for a cheeky morning dip! It was a beautiful day (smashed it given the rest of the week!) and we had a lovely swim then coffee and a bacon roll in the cafe on the High Street. Well it is Friday… would be rude not to!

I’m not keen on sand between my toes so I had the genius idea of standing in an IKEA bag whilst I got dressed. Amazing! No sand in my flip flops or anywhere else!!! I am a genius!

Home to continue to build my little empire. I’m having a lovely time. My work / life balance is the best it’s ever been. Friday is invoice day so I dealt with all of those and planned my days for next week. Then I got a message from another new client and so my little book grows some more. Happy days!

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