By JennyOwen

Glow in the dark

Day 9 of covid isolation.
Richard is feeling almost completely recovered. I had a bad day yesterday, with a lot of dizziness.  We have a blood pressure monitor at home and this revealed a substantial high blood pressure spike too.  This all got worrying enough to propel me to phone 111 and then to make a visit to our local Accident and Emergency (on advice from the 111 service) for some check-ups.  Richard was allowed out to drive me there and back.

I am happy to report that the hospital has a really robust system in place. The waiting-room was packed;  my heart sank. But as a covid-positive patient, I was quickly whisked away to a separate entrance and seated in peaceful isolation to await a nurse.  And nothing untoward was found.   I was indescribably grateful for the opportunity to be seen, checked over and reassured. 

At some point, a memory had swum back into my brain about the leaflet I had scanned briefly when I started taking statins recently. Wasn't dizziness a possible side-effect? Yes it was. This nugget of information brought with it the hope that some of the dizziness might be due to the statins and not to Covid at all.  The A and E doctor confirmed that this was a possibility.

So, no statins today. And so far, the dizziness has not returned. This may be partly or wholly psychological, of course - we'll see.  My other symptoms are receding, like Richard's, though our energy levels are pretty low.

All in all, I felt well enough for the first time in days to pick up the camera rather than the phone, and to cast an eye over the St John's Wort and the somewhat battered fuchsias in the front garden. 

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