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By Jeanneb53

Dancing feet

A lovely day and I have spent most of it travelling.

No hitches today on my train journey to Bath apart from not knowing which train to get from Bristol to Bath. I knew the time but not the destination so had to ask.  It was Weymouth!
Got the bus to Larkhall just across the road from the station.  An nice route up Lansdown Road and along Lansdown Crescent before dropping down into Larkhall.

I was there in good time for Eda’s tap dancing class and sat in the sun outside Leak (the shop in converted toilets in the middle of the village!)

Last time we were here I took a blip of Eda’s sparkly tap shoes, today I have taken Jude’s feet in the lovely strawberry shoes that were originally a first birthday present for Eda. Won’t be long before she is dancing. She is standing well un supported and can walk across the room with the Walker, quite delighted with herself. Unfortunately she has an eye infection at the moment so didn’t look quite herself when I arrived but she was happy to see me and didn’t need time to get used to me again as she has done on some previous occasions.

Before I left this morning Chris had put some of his big outdoor tomatoes in the conservatory to ripen. I’m amazed some of them have made it. We've had a couple ripen and have had the cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse, but whilst I’m away Chris is going to make all the remaining green ones into Green Tomato Chutney a la Delia! I won’t miss the smell of it cooking!

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