By Grammy

Finally Blooming

Overcast and chilly all day. Hubby had an appointment with his knee surgeon early this morning. He was up and gone before I moseyed out of bed. Somehow, we were up reading until 1:00 am this morning. Gotta get our times regulated a bit. While the coffee was brewing, I looked around for a blip. Pineapple sage is one of my favorite herb fragrances. Its bloom is delicate and brilliant in color. The temp was cool and crisp enough to need a light jacket while enjoying breakfast and prayer on the front porch. I worked on the Christmas project for my youngest daughter. Still have a bit of paint touch up and assembly but it is almost finished. Spent the rest of the day sorting and repacking the camper stuff and ordering a few Christmas gifts. We have not found a good deal on a new RV so all this work may have been unnecessary. Oh well. Hubby found the chlorine solution for our new water system but he had to go to several suppliers. I am sure you’ve heard about the chlorine shortage in the US. The current high price is crazy. Hubby scrubbed the exterior of the camper which took the rest of his day. My son sent meals over last night so we have leftovers - easy dinner. Thanks for your visits, stars and notes. Glad you liked the barn pic. Stay safe out there. “The morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer.” — George R.R. Martin

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