By Ingleman

The Erection

Definition of an erection, according to Oxford English Dictionary:

The action of erecting a structure or object.

I claim my right to pronounce that I am in the process of getting an erection, in my garden, without fear of contradiction or debate. 

These bricks were in a pile, on my patio, as late as 08.00 this morning. Now, like a giant 3D game of Tetrus, they are being joined in matrimony.. I use the word matrimony loosely, meaning they are joined together.

It is yet another image of our ongoing building work and acts as an example of the work ethic and workmanship of Gary, the friend who knows an erection when he sees one. 

I hope he doesn't sue me for using his name in public, it will never stand up in court... 

I unreservedly apologise for the monotonous tone of my blips of late. I think I need to get out more, but Gary makes it hard for me.

Hopefully off to Wales at the weekend with my wife and our pooch, Hollie dog. We have a big day on Friday, 44 years of unfettered bliss.

In 44 years I have only enjoyed intimate relations with one woman. I am proud of that fact, but please don't tell the wife...

I hope the weekend brings some opportunities for creative photography, wouldn't that be nice.

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