By Ingleman

Whacker Day

Meet Timmy Mallet. /Gary, the builder who is doing an extension for us.
Today we started early, using a machine called a whacker plate to flatten the stone we barrowed yesterday. The noise is horrendous, the vibrations violent and a tiny bit pleasing(!)

Here is Gary using the machine just outside the garage door at the back of the garage. I have blipped before using this window, I really like the patterns and light provided by the glass. It also protects Gary's identity as he does not like having his picture taken. He is very ugly, but you will have take my word for it. He has bulbous yellow ears which protrude startlingly and he is stone deaf. He does not do blip so I am confident he will never read this. But just in case, 'We love you Shrek. / Gary!

A lovely day weather wise. I just hope it is as clement when we go to The Lakes at the end of this month. I need some R & R and The Old Man Of Coniston is calling me.....

Thanks for your time, see ya!! 

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