By Ingleman

Surprise, Surprise!

Today I have been ably and loyally assisted by my friends D & A who have facilitated the digging out of the base for the extension floor. We equally barrowed in several tons of aggregate and ballast after Gary had installed the drainage pipes for the shower and sink. So today we have met all objectives. Despite hitting a slight obstacle seen in the blip. A monumental block of concrete about two cubic feet and weighing a million tons. What on earth...?

We reckon it was a base for a  1950's clothes line post. Unless it is a previously unrecorded meteorite.

It had in the base a beautiful brick marked 'NCB Hilton Main', and a quick Google search revealed a remarkable history around an old brick works at the Hilton Main colliery, now defunct but once a very important source of coal for the Midlands.

Never saw that coming!

Another day of progress and not much else to report. All very tired and more to do tomorrow.

I am going to see my puddy cat tomorrow.... Can't wait.

Thanks for all the nice feedback, as always very grateful. 

Have a good week everyone, till next time.... 

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