Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Princess Of The Lake

A very nice day today.

The first thing on my adgenda was a Zoom Flower tutorial with Celia Henderson working on blending modes. On the course were 2 other blippers.

After lunch we collected the B-I-L and went to Lakeland Ltd in Windermere. We needed a new slow cooker and having done much research, decided that LL's own model was the best on offer. I no longer wanted a multi cooker to do everything, just a straightforward slow cooker to do casseroles and soups!

Our search criteria included the facility so have it return to a lower heat automatically after cooking and the ability to put its dish onto the hob to thicken gravy and sear or into the oven to brown off dumplings.  We think we have exactly what we want.

On our way home we parked at Waterhead to get a few shots.

A Zoom with #2 Daughter completed the day nicely.

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