By Happyme

Little gift

I had a super day full of fun and food! I caught the bus to Val's house where Ruth picked us both up. We set off for our lunch venue then all laughed as we were there at 11.15 and they don't open until 12pm! Eager or what? The decision was made to go on to Bowlees for coffee to fill the gap. A good decision for me, it meant I could buy the coffees as a thank you for not being able to take a turn at driving, since I gave up my car. Almost an hour had passed before we realised, so then made our way back to Langdon Beck for the much anticipated lunch! Their steak pie is renowned and soon may not be on the menu, and probably won't be the same, as the current proprietors are moving on at the end of the month. We did learn that they are staying on after the sale, but only while work is carried out and the menu will be curtailed. As the steak pie is a two day job, it will probably go as they are only going to be open a few days a week and one of those will be Sunday for roast. So we enjoyed it while we could! It was as magnificent as always. Dare I say it, we wiled away four hours enjoying the food and each other's company! We suddenly realised it was 4.20pm! It wasn't busy so we weren't taking seats people were waiting for. We apologised to the lovely man running the show who promptly told us that it was good to hear friends sat round the table laughing and feeling comfortable as if they were in their own sitting room.We did have the best time and are now planning our next foray!
While I was out our coffee beans were delivered. This sweet little mug and message had been popped in the box along with the coffee. What a lovely surprise!

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