Matting day!

Wednesday is matting group day. There's not so many of us as there were before lockdown so mats are progressing a bit more slowly. We don't have anybody waiting on an order so it's not a problem. I brought these ones home as we are going to hang them in the village hall ready for Saturday coffee morning, for people to see and buy if they would like to. I love the blue one and had intended to buy it but then changed my mind for the one we are currently working on, which has sheep and fields, and is larger. I'm really looking forward to owning something that has been made by my friends whilst enjoying each other's company. 
I walked along to the group with Sandie, our new neighbour. She won't be able to attend every week as they aren't living there permanently, although she wishes they were. She's been able to go the last two weeks and she's thoroughly enjoyed it and pleased she's been able to join in even though, like me she'd never done it before. I think we've made her feel welcome.
I'm out again tomorrow for lunch with Val and Ruth, looking forward to hearing all about Ruth's new twin granddaughters born just last weekend. I'm sure she'll have lovely photos to show us.
Had a long chat on the phone with an old friend late afternoon. So good to catch up on all her news. After dinner I had a another long phone chat, with my lovely daughter Charlotte, we did a lot of laughing. 
Not much progress on the dress making front this week, it's been a very sociable week so far and I have loved it!

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