A little damp!

I decided to test drive walk my new insoles! I walked to Wearhead, the next village, and boy was that a mistake! On my return journey my foot began to hurt and by the time I got home I could hardly put my foot to the floor. Serves me right for thinking I would be fine. It was definitely a step too far! It really gets me down not being able to walk any distance, especially while there is so little else to enjoy with our lockdown restrictions. I shouldn't complain as I'm so much better off than some who are locked away and I do enjoy my home and all it holds. Tomorrow will be a definite day of rest, crafting in one way or another.
Despite being wet, cold and hobbling by the end, I enjoyed the walk. There is so much water everywhere but the Autumn colours were a treat, see extras. The poor horses in the field looked bedraggled but didn't seem perturbed by the rain, nor the sheep.
I've been diligently tracking my food intake on the WW app and hope it will have positive effects on the sugar levels; I've lost a couple of pounds although for me that isn't the reason for doing this. I have been the same weight for 6 years and am not unhappy with it although on some websites they think I should weigh less! Life is for living I say!

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