Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Mother and son

This young fellow has arrived in the last three days since I last walked through the small herd of Highlands grazing below Arnside Knott. His arrival couldn't wait for warmer weather (and we are told there is no sign of that in the forseeable future), but he is well insulated in his thick coat. His mother calmly stood and watched Gus and me as she suckled him. These animals are so docile, and they need to be, with so many people and dogs roaming over this big field on the Knott.

And while we watched them, Gus sat quietly and respectfully next to me. Later we went over the top of the hill, and he met the Arnside Bigfoot for the first time. They got on rather well.

One more day of work, then it's Easter and 4 days break. I'm ready for it.

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