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By Sallymair


One of the best things about ordering online is that everything comes with a free cat toy! Here is Cleo modelling this week's offering.
Pickle had a bit of a disaster earlier in the week when she got her head stuck in the handle of a paper carrier bag. She tore around the house up and down stairs banging onto things as she went and the bag cracked and snapped behind her all the time. It took me several minutes to catch her, in fact what I caught was the bag which thankfully tore and let her run off and hide. Today's offering was much safer!
Pickle was more relaxed today, almost too relaxed, she came and purred loudly and rolled onto her back in front of me when I was working on the table. She was so chilled that she rolled straight off the table and onto the floor! She looked around her a bit sheepishly and then washed her paw and strolled off nonchalantly as if nothing had happened. I laughed out loud.

I paid a visit to blipper Marchmont this afternoon for a coffee and to pick up a Japanese Anemone. I have hopes of it going into one of the gaps in the front garden. I'm hoping they are slug proof, as the lupins, which I tried there this year, certainly were not! It was good to catch up and set the world to rights. We're wondering when we will next be flying east!
Ali's birthday tomorrow so I wrapped her birthday presents - personally I can't see how she can need anything at all, having had a wedding and a baby already this year, but I don't think that would go down well! I'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow, her first birthday as a mummy.
Keep safe everyone, the Scottish numbers are going down slowly and I'm looking forward to getting my blue envelope.

Oh and it's Friday so here's the art quiz link, 9 for me this week, I actually felt confident about several of my answers too. Enjoy!

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