Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

All done

I slept well last night thanks to Nytol. A lazy start to the day, we had lunch then I headed off to the hospital for 2.30. At 4.50 I was back in the car being driven home again minus the BCC which had been biopsied last October. Not the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon but bearable. Back next week to have the stitches out. All seems to be working well, I had been warned there had been a risk of nerve damage and subsequent loss of movement /potential droop, but that seems to have been avoided, hooray.
The hospital seemed strangely quiet. Staff were amused at my request for a blip shot but obliged.
Thanks for all the good wishes, I'm just a drama queen really.

Keep safe everybody, now seems the time to take particular care. Masks to the fore, we can do this.

Steps today, not a lot

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