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Red is the colour

Another day at home. Not a good night's sleep either, so I woke late than intended.
Did a small amount of gardening to make sure that the bin is full for tomorrow's collection. We haven't had our new permits yet, although they were paid for a couple of months ago and ran out on the 2nd October. I think there was an extension due to the lack of service earlier this year. No doubt the new one will arrive in its own time.
Several reds in the garden just now including roses and pruning those is another due job too! This hesperantha and the raspberries complemented each other rather well I thought.
I sent Eilidh some money to buy a book last week as a well done for having good feedback at parents evening. I suggested she chose her own book as she's a great reader and like me often carries a book with her. Amazingly she has chosen the very book I was going to buy for her before deciding she should have a free choice, namely:- Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World! Apparently she's loved being grown up and choosing how to spend her money. I can't believe she'll be 7 at Christmas.
I fell asleep this afternoon, I do hope that won't stop me sleeping tonight as I am at the hospital tomorrow afternoon. This time tomorrow all will be over and I can relax again.

Keep safe and well everybody. I was very glad when my test came back negative today. Not that I really thought otherwise. Now I can put a different answer in the C19 Zoe survey.

Steps today 4000

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