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Winter Larder…?

This rather looks like one of our local squirrels is saving an apple for later. A new take on preserving fruit!
Another day of not going out. At least with the weather being so yucky it's not very tempting so I don't feel so hard done by!

I was slightly uncomfortable last night after my flu jab, I wanted to sleep on that side and my arm was complaining. Having said that these injections are almost pain free these days
What a difference modern small sharp needles make compared to those of our yoof!!! I swear the points they used on me in the past were blunt and about the diameter of a drinking straw (OK maybe I'm exaggerating a wee bit, lol). I also grabbed the syringe to warm it up while we were doing the paperwork. You can tell I'm an old hand!

I had my pre admission phone call today. I spent the rest of the morning relaxing and reading and waiting for a phone call about Ali's car which was in for its MOT. It''s 14 years old so always a little worrying. It sailed through though, needed it's brakes eased slightly - they were sticking a bit most likely through lack of use and that was it. She was very happy.

I cleared out some stuff in the garage too, the field mice will likely be heading in soon so I want to make as much as possible mouse proof. Not always very easy.

This evening we had an easy dinner as Colin had a church vestry meeting and I was playing bridge. The cards were NOT with me tonight.

Keep well and safe everybody, I don't watch the news much just now. I don't believe what comes out of Westminster, and as for what that man in the US is saying and doing......

Steps today 3500 in the house

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