The Wooden Horse

Probably by Grinling Gibbons, or at least from his workshop?

On show at Compton Verney for the 300 year anniversary of his death. 
Quite a fascinating exhibition, and not someone I was at all aware of previously.  We'll probably go back for another look.  The horse was carved (probably) as a mannequin to display a suit of armour, possibly for Charles 2nd, around the time of the restoration of the monarchy.

He definitely lived in 'interesting times'.

Had an experiment with Topaz DeNoise too as the release notes for the new version have something about treating the RAW file first, rather than letting Lightroom convert it to .dng.  It was not very bright in the gallery so with the high ISO I thought this might be a reasonable test.  The two people bottom right are reading one of the wall displays, I've not had much success in making the brighter parts of that less noticeable without introducing other processing artefacts.

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