Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I’m back on the university open day circuit with 17yo, and this time on very familiar territory. It’s the place I came away to when I was eighteen, and ended up spending nine years of my life - first studying, and then working. Hello again Alexandra Square and Bowland Tower at the heart of Lancaster University.

I will have consumed no end of lunches and flapjacks on these steps over the years, so we built that tradition into the day. And 17yo is certainly enjoying his pancake, freshly cooked at one of the pop up eateries put on for the day.

While there is much about the place which is the same, it has effectively doubled in size since the years that I was here, and many of the buildings have been remodeled and extended meaning that while I could get us where we needed to be, once inside nothing looked or felt the same. 

The familiarity was extended by the fact that 17yo is looking at the same two subjects that I studied. It’s interesting that the distinctive Lancaster approach to course structure has survived through the last few decades.

We were also able to wander around the town a bit before catching the train home. It was a long day, but we learned a lot and it will all help decision making going forward. 

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