For Joan

 Ghaist o a gaw that few hae seen
paintit on fog lyk a fugue o thi scheme
Noah supposit thi Lord tae mean
     when aa were drooned,
ither hauf o yin o His een
     thon runic roond.
From The Fogbow by WH Herbert

I have been on this earth many years but I have never seen this before! A weird and wonderful morning weather-wise with thick fog, swirly bits and the odd glimpse of sunshine. I went to get the papers and on the way back saw this - a fogbow! I was gobsmacked, in fact I was giddy with it and just had to get out of the car and stare. And then, I was next to the sea and ... well a cossie was found in the car and my new dry robe given to me by Will, so I was in the water and out like a flash! Swimming under a fogbow - I laughed out loud and continued laughing and shivering all the way home to a hot shower.
The world may seem unbelievably shitty at times but it's worth looking up/down/sideways and just appreciating what's out there, and having a good laugh just because.

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