secret garden

By freespiral


A much nicer day weatherwise,  breezy sunshine and I was tempted for a swim! I went down to the swimming beach and was surprised to find it blowing a hoolie - yes, from the west as evident by this hawthorn. The tempation left me pretty swiftly, the water was icy and a bit murky after the rain.
Pottering, tidying up beds but I kept thinking about the swim. Try Kitchen Cove suggested Himself. I did. It's only mind over matter after all. The mind was impressed but the matter less so. A very short but bracing dip was undertaken - the last of the year I suspect.
Other than that, a some new well field work planning and a first attempt to gather the necessary documents to apply for Irish citizenship. We've been here 20 years now and no longer want to join the UK queue at immigration. It's complicated though. I wish I could uncover an Irish granny but alas....

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