Sitting on the fence, watching the day go by

Only photos taken today are of this squirrel. I did a bit of video of it as well as it was watching me, watching it. The Squirrel moved to the right, held up one paw, still watching me, until I opened the utility door. It then turned round and ran like hell along the top of the trellis fence until it settled on the wooden acorn for a while. The one of it sitting on the acorn was taken as a screenshot from the video.
It really likes the fence since we cleared all of the bushes, especially the pyracantha I expect, with all of it's sharp thorns.
As for work, we did some potting of bulbs into small pots, snowdrops and miniature  daffodills. There are also some of these scattered around in the garden.
A young fella came around late afternoon to see about adding some spotlights to the existing garden light circuit. I could have done it but I don't have the equipment to test for loading. It could be that to add 4 spotlights would overload the cct and cause it to fail. He is sure it's ok, I have already purchased the spotlights and underground cable connecting blocks.

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