Trellis, boys and Jonty

I promised Marlane's home made, bamboo, trellis today so here it is. Not trellis as you might have imagined, with all of those little squares. The bamboo is from the back of our garden. Marlane spent a long-time, a week or two ago, clearing out the bottom of the bamboo plants and cutting out the dead ones. I helped a little but cut out some of the live ones! Well, they looked brown at the bottom, but they grow in a kind of sheath which peels and reveals that lovely green colour that bamboo has. You can see some of it in the picture with the boys.
They will be supporting Clematis plants, and this time if I so much as see an ivy leaf it's getting ripped out. Or, if not close to another plant, I'll spray it with weed(ivy)killer!
She also put one of the childrens benches into the square that we built into the path. Buddy and Hendrix really appreciated it, and after running around the new paths they had a rest on the bench.
You haven't seen Jonty for ages, so here he is. He doesn't get daily walks nowadays, because of the grandchildren being here early, so on the weekend I like to take him out to the park. He wants to go, but doesn't want to stay long. After about 10 minutes he starts walking towards home and I have to shout "STOP", which he does so that I can put the lead on his collar. He would walk alongside me but I put the lead on for two reasons.
1 - It's the law when you are walking near a road.
2 - In case he sees a cat! It's the one time he runs nowadays, although he wouldn't have a clue what to do if he caught the cat, which he never did of course.

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