By suehutton

Herding his Hinds

The rut in Bradgate Park started before the end of September. I've been meaning to go and watch but falling over put paid to that for the last two weeks. Len doesn't want me going out by myself in case I take another tumble. And then of course, there's time.

Today seemed to be the only day this week we could manage it. Rain forecast for most of the rest of the week and the naturalists reckon the rut will finish by then.

Of course, it rained. We ventured out with me lugging my long lens. It took me a little while but I got as far as the Visitor Centre from where we spotted a mature stag our side of the mid wall. He was baying. I gather that the stags do this for the duration of the rut. He had four hinds with him.

Suddenly he broke into a run and made for the main path where he gathered in three more hinds and chased them into his small harem. Another large stag was watching him from across the wall as was a group of seven photographers. When I left, he'd assembled nine hinds. I wonder if they'll all be with him tomorrow.

Passing the Memorial Wood, I noticed what I thought was a log in the shape of a fallow dear stag head. Back home studying the photos on the computer I realised it was a real stag sitting extremely quietly and still. (extra).

Lots of shaggy parasol toadstools in the grass where the deer were grazing.

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