Playing with Pluto

Playing with Pluto
Quite a while ago I gave home to the Camera Club Drip Machine and included in it was a multi funcional Pluto Trigger, a gaget I had resisted buying myself. Quite enjoyed playing with it and just by chance I found an unused second had one on eBay  at a very good price. 
Well today I decided that I would have a play with the laser trigger. Interesting afternoon was had making the kitchen very wet :) Its a good job I have a tolerant wife.
I had watched a YouTube last night and the lady suggested an irregular shaped / heavy object works well to produce an interesting splash. 
I set the system up dropping a flash support 'screw', progressed to a grape, that I ate,  and then onto a lemon. 
The trigger system worked well. I was expecting trouble with aligning the drop with the trigger. As the lemon was quite big I managed a good success rate. If I can stay awake the next experiment with it will be star trails :)

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