Autumnal Colours Around the Pond

Autumnal Colours Around the Pond
Looking at the trees in our front garden today I was attracted by the autumn colours, then iin the back garden the grasses and leaves around the pond gave me the urge to snap a picture.
I discovered the other day that you can create multiple exposures in the SlowShutter App on the iPhone. Take a picture, edit then click done but if you don't clear the next image is overlaid. Not as much control as PhotoSplit (blending modes etc) but still can produce some interesting images. 
This image here is a combination of two different Lightroom adjustments with the second having the clarity reduced to produce a blurred image. The two different adjustments where then opened in Photoshop as layers with the reduced clarity version on the top with Darker Colour Blend mode. 
 I also added a desaturated texture at lowish opacity.

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