By pandieb


No. 2's 21st today so time for the last 'zoo meal' of a generation. We've aways made a point of coming together for birthdays, and (trying to) put the animosity aside for two days a year. It's not always been easy, especially when the whole blended family was younger (us, the girls, their mum, her husband, his three kids, their son, sometimes two grannies)  but we made it work.
As they've got older it's been easier and now we can (mostly) all laugh (with tongue in cheek where necessary) at the situation. The girls are still embarrassed (by some of the behaviours) at times, but Himself and I have tried really hard to get them to rise above it.

Tonight was genuinely fun, and we get to see the birthday girl tomorrow for a quieter gift exchange. 

As for her party on Saturday, that waits to be seen. All I can say is, it's at her mum's house....

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