Marking Time

By Libra

Berry picking

While strolling around the garden on a very dreich afternoon I noticed that the thrushes and birds are tucking into the rowanberries. Then I became aware of the proliferation of other berries too, and noticed that one effect of the lockdown and pandemic is that we have all started to look closer at the world around us.
Certainly I had not been aware that we had over a dozen different types of berries in the garden.
I picked six of the most colourful and with some help from M turned them into a pentagon.
They are (from top centre) going clockwise:

 1.Pyracantha or Fire thorn - orange glow

2    Pyracantha or Fire thorn red
3 Holly
4 Rowan tree
5 Cotoneaster
6. Himalayan honeysuckle or pheasant berries

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