The second half of life..

By twigs

Day trip to Ashburton

Stayed at a very acceptable campground in Tinwald overnight then it was up early so I could shower, coffee x2, brave the Ashburton commuter traffic and still make it to the chap who was going to be upgrading Gerty's solar system (!) today for 'opening time'.  Easy peasy.  He thought it would take him until around 4.00pm so I decided to head straight for the library (past this beautiful tree and church which deserved sooooo much better) with my book.  By midday I was a bit peckish so continued into town.  The only cafe I found *looked* really cool and seemed to have some yummy food in the cabinets too.  Sadly, that's as good as it got - I found the service shockingly poor waited over 25 minutes for a waitress to take my order (others who arrived after me were served before me), my lunch was served on a chipped plate and the 3 items I ordered were delivered at 3 different times almost 5 minutes apart....dessert first, hot drink second then hot lunch.  Courtesy was sparse and I left feeling extremely disappointed.  Its saving grace was that the food was actually quite nice.  I wouldn't be racing back there again though.

Back to the library for another mini read-athon which was interrupted by a 2.30pm text telling me all the work was complete....... yay!  Brisk walk back to the van where L spent some time going over the new workings.  Yet more learning ahead!

Staying tonight just north of Hurunui and planning to get home tomorrow late afternoon.  Minnie will be very happy!

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