Sue Le Feuvre

By UrbanDonkey

I’ve never read a Stephen King novel…

… but I think they may be of the genre where you might find a dismembered hand lurking between his books on the shelf in the library. Poor man is just sitting on a window seat reading the paper.
I was in the library waiting while the pharmacy next door prepared my meds. As is always the case when you have an appointment with a doc or dentist, I woke up feeling fine this morning. But I still felt as if I’d run a marathon by the time I got to the surgery. After 7 months of overindulgence and latterly just about no exercise I expected my bloods to be disastrous but no; all pretty much OK. My inflammatory markers are apparently impressively low. Apparently they don’t correlate to the amount of inflammation in all my joints! 
I have 30 days anti - inflammatory meds which should help the Baker’s cyst to return my leg to normal size. Thank goodness for that because I only have one pair of jeans which I can get over my calf and they could maybe do with a wash. 

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