Sue Le Feuvre

By UrbanDonkey

A different viewpoint…

This end of the market used to be the flower market with the bonded store in the cellars underneath it. 
The Income Tax Office was in Fountain Street (to the left of the market) and had expanded into an annexe on the top floor of the left hand side of this facade. I loved my years working in that building. There were so many nooks and crannies including a cellar; which sadly did not interconnect with the bonded store. But we did uncover some records which the authorities had probably forgotten were there. And we had access to the roof (until we were found out!).
In the foreground is a ramp access to the market area, avoiding the steps. That was created about 20 or so years ago in memory of David Purdy; who was in my class at junior school. As a teenager he dived into the water on the beach in Herm and somehow managed to break his neck. He was paralyzed for the rest of his life and a great disability champion.
I like black and white pics of this facade because it was built using a very harsh looking red granite and really doesn’t blend well with the rest of the beautiful building.

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