By MsQuizzical

"See How It Runs"

I was enjoying my mid-afternoon cuppa when I heard an unfamiliar, 'chuck, chuck-or' sound. A red-legged or French partridge was having a stroll in the front garden. I grabbed my camera, which already had my 400mm lens on it but drat, no memory card. I quickly replaced the card whilst telling my dog to stay.

I got a few shots through the glass and some more in the garden and under the hedge. I swiftly switched to a setting that I have customised for birds in flight and started chasing the bird round the garden. It just wouldn't take off. :)

Eventually it part flew, part scrambled onto the the roof of the garden room and ran up to the ridge. After a few calls from the chimney pot it ran the length of the ridge. I have posted this shot because the sun came out very briefly showing off its beautiful red beak and the bright yellow Xanthoria lichen.

Didn't want to be boring and Blip another bird today but I found meeting the partridge interesting.

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