Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Sibling rivalry

This morning I felt better - no vertigo, just the dizzies - so I decided to spend the morning in Lymington.  It was a very beautiful day, if rather colder, and I wasn't walking, just sitting on the Town Quay watching all the boats, the people, plus the fascinating family of harbour swans.  Mum and three large cygnets, with dad watching from a little further away.

Someone was throwing bread into the water for them (yes, I know, not good) and the cygnets were all determined to get at it.  What I was really trying for was shots of the interaction between the various family members - the sibling rivalry.  There's one in Extras, but I wasn't entirely satisfied with any of them, so you've got this more classical single cygnet as today's main.

When I got back to Winchester just after lunch I walked straight down to the Buttercross to meet a friend for coffee. Which was lovely, we talked so much and bumped into another friend as we were leaving.  But the truth is I overdid it and arrived home very dizzy, cold and headachey so got into bed with a hot water bottle.

I am somewhat revived now so will now do what commenting I can and try to make up the rest in the morning.  Thank you for your patience and for your lovely comments, stars and hearts yesterday - I did very much appreciated them.

A very happy 17th birthday to Blip the wonderful!!  And enjoy the rest of your evening - and happy Friday  xx

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