Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Repeating patterns

Thanks to steveng for hosting today's widwed!

I was going to do something further afield today but it turned out to be a dizzy/vertigo moment so I went back to St Cross.  I was only there two days ago, so I asked the lady in the ticket office if they had such a thing as a season ticket, and they kind of do.  Maybe I'll get one and blip through next summer in the wonderful Master's Garden.  I could pretend it was my garden and of course you'd believe me  ;-D

Anyway, these are the Brother's quarters with their wonderful repeated chimneys.  I know I've blipped them before but as St Cross has been given the accolade of "England's oldest and most perfect Almshouse" I hoped you'd forgive me.  Worth a second look!

Apart from that I've had a (much too long) medical phone call and a chat with my neighbour.  Plus, of course, enjoyed the blustery sunshine.

Take care, lovely blippies  xx

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