Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Back to the nuts

No need to take that personally.. ;))

This is a chestnut I picked up on the Green this morning, while walking Hazel.   As anyone knows who's had to split their skins to stop them exploding in the oven, they certainly are hard little beggars.  Thanks to ApolloFly for hosting today's TinyTuesday on the subject, 'Hard.'

Really it's like beachcombing.  Everytime I walk anywhere near them I find myself stuffing the largest and shiniest in my pockets.  What I love about them is not just the polished richness of the skins, but the little spiked crown at the top and the silky white hairs surrounding it.

It's been windy today and the leaves of the lime tree outside the kitchen seem to have finished yellowing in the past 24 hours and are now weeping off the tree.  I saw one of my neighbours out with a rake trying to scrape them off the frontage, but instead of joining her, being a sinner I hastily found something to do at the back of the house ..

And yes, to be honest, blipping half a chestnut isn't much of an achievement for a whole Tuesday of my life, but sometimes days thin on work ethic can be lovely!

Enjoy your evening, dear peeps  xx

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