By MarilynParker


A colder but sunny day. Got the washing in the machine early due to the weather and once I had it out on the line (perfect drying day with sun and a breeze), went for a walk. Quiet everywhere this morning - met hardly anyone. 
After lunch I mowed both lawns, cut some garden items back, swept up all the leaves (yet again - it's a daily chore now), put the recycling out in the relevant containers and brought in almost all of the washing since it was dry. After this my back was complaining so it was 2 paracetamol and a mug of coffee.
Around 5pm I thought I should bring the last few items in off the line but I delayed it a few minutes and then noticed it had started to rain! Dashed out and luckily caught it in time. The light rain soon blew over.
Feeling pleased with a productive day.
Not feeling pleased with the number of Covid cases - the government should not have made masks optional yet - too soon! I can't wait to get my booster. Got a second invitation to book my booster this morning and a third invitation this afternoon! I saw (media) that a number of people had been having the same problem as me re booking their boosters.

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