By AndrewFH


We went to the beach today at Holkham. It is an amazing area of dunes, sand, channels and sea marsh. There have been very high tides for the last two days with large areas of water lying on the sea marsh areas between the tunes. The tides come in a long way and this morning the tide was still going out. It is a popular area but so extensive that it does not feel crowded at any time. The sun shone brightly and the wind was very strong and cold but some people were brave enough to wade through the deep channels that divide the beach into different areas. The surface of the sand contained many varieties of patterns, shells and shining pebbles. In the dunes there were clusters of fungi of various types, some very unfamiliar.
After the beach we went to Wells-on-Sea for lunch and were tempted to do some shopping. It has been an expensive few days concluded by returning to Burnham Market to buy a picture and stoneware bowl.
Home tomorrow but first fish and chips tonight.

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