Social Distancing From The World - Day 10

The cavalry has arrived, all the way from Singapore!

After an overnight flight, my brother arrived at 10.30am, to join our bubble. He arrived laden with gifts including Hello Kitty face masks and loo roll! Can’t complain though, he also brought me a litre of Cointreau! Sticking to our Social Distancing From The World rules, he helped me run an errand on the outskirts of Bath, before picking up fish and chips for our “welcome home” (at last!) tea.

Coming from Singapore, where COVID case numbers are insignificant compared to the UK, and where you risk prison simply by not wearing a mask the minute you step out of your front door, he was horrified by the number of people he came across today not wearing face masks.

Take care, stay safe and well...

(Roadmap Out Of Lockdown Step 4 - Day 96)

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