In the pink

An early start on the plot after fetching the newspaper. A turned the ground on 4 beds then topped with the lovely well rotted horse manure. Very satisfying. The sun tried to break through, there was a fresh breeze, but I got the beds done, then I weeded around the fruit bushes, raise the netting over the brassicas, in my attempt to protect from the pesky pigeons. So far, so good. I picked more runner beans then it was 11.30, time to head home. No sunshine but I needed a blip so walked around the garden snapping plants that are still looking good.My montage for Flower Friday done.  Peanut butter on toast, black coffee, then I headed over to George & Jeans to garden. George was getting the lawnmower revved up for my arrival, then he went to have a lie down. He has to get up early on a Friday morning as the cleaner comes in to give Jean a hand. Jean had plenty of jobs to keep me busy, three hours later it was time to head home.
A letter from the ENT consultant confirming that all was looking tickety boo at my consultation last week.
I'd taken a lamb tagine  that I batch cooked out of the freezer earlier so an easy dinner tonight served with giant cous cous which is easier for me to swallow than rice.
What I'd really like now is a nice soak in a bath, not something I feel like very often but will have to settle for a shower. Got a feeling I might have the odd ache in the morning.
Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for hosting Flower Friday

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