Note to self.

Check if the props need a polish before you start playing around next time. A sunny, with the odd sprinkle, mild morning. Love it! Hubby does'nt like the doors or windows open this time of the year so the first thing I do when i get downstairs is open the door onto the patio, flick the switch on the kettle, get the bird food, feed them while the kettle boils. The Greek yogurt, poached rhubarb, topped with Kellogg's crunchy nut granola, which has sultanas, so I need to remove them, they go in a tub to throw in an apple pie. I can eat them when they are softened. :-) Waste not, want not. Breakfast while figuring the Sundial & listening to birdsong.
Shopping day with Mum today ... Rog popped out for a chat with Mum yesterday afternoon. Nice one Rog! She still does'nt want to go to Cornwall but at least they had a chance to discuss it without my SIL in attendance. He brought her a box of Milk Tray .... she really does'nt like milk chocolates, MT in particular, but does'nt want to rock the boat. We shopped, she's got wonky ears so the mask does'nt fit very well but we managed. Her hips are really giving her some gyp but she will not go to the doctor. My concern is that in a mo she won't be able to walk at all.  We need to have a serious conversation.  Mum has been selected, through random postcode selection to participate in the Office for National Statistics 'Living Costs & Food Survey'. The initial phone interview took place on Monday with me relaying the blurb as Mum does'nt have speaker phone but it was pretty straightforward. I spoke to Dot the coordinator yesterday, told her mum had spent £2.80 on fresh fish. She asked what fish, as they would need that info. ..... "3 scallops". 
Today's shopping receipt needs extra info attached, then I snap it, & send it via e.mail. The survey lasts 2 weeks. This info produces the Retail Prices Index & Consumer Prices Index. The results also feed into the estimates of GDP. Every expense has to be recorded.
Mum's beaded glass kitchen door with a bowl of nasturtiums on the door mat provide today's Distortion Blip. The nasturtiums are still looking fab in Mum's garden & in mine.
Home for lunch, then I cut a section of hedge that runs down the path from the house. Pavement section to follow.
I took some empty plant trays, plus cuttings up to the allotment after. I met Diane, the clerk of the local council. She informed me she was taking over Jim's allotment. I questioned whether it was going to be split in half as she had told me that any full plots would be halved  as they became available, during our conversation about allotment fees recently. She looked rather sheepish & muttered something to the other woman that they would have to pay half each ... Half each of what though???? It will be interesting to see how the plot is split, if indeed it is. I have my doubts. I'd love to know what she is going to be paying as well. She's moving from another plot on the same site. She also told me that there were'nt many people looking for plots on this site. All a bit cagey to me.

Thanks to Ingeborg for setting the Abstract challenge - Distortion

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