I promised Jolang I would post some of my iris flowers. I have a plain yellow which is not out yet and a purple which has finished. Have you ever noticed they come in waves of a certain colour. If I look back over my previous blips it is obvious. 

I have a newish garden bed where I ( meaning Bob ) removed some of the tall hedge on the northern border. I have been digging a trench and burying my kitchen scraps there which really helps the soil and attracts the worms. This takes a few months as I only have a small amount of food waste and peelings etc. ……well guess which visiting dog had fun digging it up? Yes Bella. She also raided my greenhouse so her halo has slipped. 

I’ve done a few jobs including cleaning the freezer &  laundry cupboards and making yogurt and doing my Saturday watering.  I always water the house plants on Saturday morning otherwise I forget. It’s almost 30° outside today, I will have to find some summer tops as I’m a bit hot at the moment.

Thanks for your kind comments on my new haircut yesterday. I dislike having my photo taken but thought my new look deserved a mention. I’ve been keeping a bit of a Covid history with my tags and will have to put the link in. Today we had 6 new community cases in town, I think that is our highest daily number so far on a single day. Our vaccinate rate is looking good (81.1% double dose and 93.1% first dose) so I’m guessing it might be the children as one school is closed for cleaning.

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