This year it is exactly 100 years ago that steam locomotive 'E2/2 3 Anna' was built in Switzerland.
In 1919, the Swiss Railways SBB commissioned the firm Krauss in Munich to build several steam locomotives. One of these locomotives left the workshop in 1921 as steam locomotive 7899. This machine was almost immediately given the Swiss company number E2/2 3. The locomotive was used at one of the first large chemical factories in Switzerland, the company 'Escher & Wyss AG' in Uetikon, Zurich region. After various wanderings through Switzerland and Germany, including at the RWTH Technische Hogeschool in Aachen, Anna was transferred to the Miljoenenlijn in 2018.

At the end of December 2020, we started the planned maintenance work on this machine in the Miljoenenlijn workshop in Simpelveld and in the spring of 2021 it got its original color scheme back.

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