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By Sallymair

Ding Dong

We have a very friendly local neighbourjood Facebook page and today it came up trumps. Two pretty witches outfits, one aged 5-6 and one aged 7-8, now, who do I know who are those ages? Saves their mum from having to try to find time to create Halloween costumes so they can go guising around their neighbours. I also picked up a pumpkin for them while I was out and about.
Church this morning, the first time for a while, for various reasons. Our congregations are slowly increasing which is good and it is so good to be able sing, even under a mask! .
I was back out at the Gyle this afternoon and had intended going to Craigleith but they are closing lots of roads around there, including Craigleith Road for a year. We can manage that so long as they adjust things like traffic light phasing to make allowance for a major roadful of traffic becoming non existent. We'll see, that doesn't seem to have happened in so many places.
I made a big pot of soup today butternut squash and carrot so very definitely orange coloured.
Were trying to decide between Shetland and Guilt for tv tonight. I think it had better be Guilt as Mark Bonnar is in both and it could get very confusing if we switch!
Keep safe folks - and taking the vaccine!

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