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By Sallymair

Clearing out

Ali was round yesterday or the day before looking for some of her belongings in the eaves. We came across these cups which I'd bought her at some point. She's decided she doesn't need them any longer so they are going to go. I'm rather sad about that as I do like them. Denby Midnight in case you wondered. If I was being brave I'd put them on ebay.
I had a former colleague round this morning to chat about volunteering in India. It's much trickier now than when I went out for my 6 months in 2007. I was going to a place and people I knew too whereas she is going to a completely new culture and set up, not to mention the Pandemic
I went to the Gyle this afternoon to try and find a respectable pair of trousers. I suffer from lockdown weight increase sadly. I really must do something about it.
We watched episode 3 of Guilt tonight, it's finally making sense and probably only has one episode left to watch.
Keep safe everyone. Scotland's figures are not as high as the rest of the UK but they are increasing

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